Graduate Profile: Nick Puckett, L'15

While many law school graduates dream of launching their careers with big firms or large companies, Nick Puckett always knew he wanted to practice in a rural area.

“I enjoy the outdoors, and a smaller community represents more opportunities to pursue outdoor activities with my kids,” Puckett said. “I also wanted to be in a place where I could contribute. I feel like a smaller community gives me the chance to plug in and really make a difference.”

Puckett served in the U.S. Army before law school, continuing his commitment with the National Guard throughout his studies. “After 70-plus hours a week in the military, the amount of time needed for law school didn't seem all that intimidating,” Puckett said. “It helped me take a disciplined approach to studying. I'm now a commander in the National Guard, and a lot of what I do is resolving soldier issues and unexpected roadblocks in training. Law school has helped me approach problems more analytically and broadened my leadership skills.”

Balancing school, family and military commitments was not easy, but Puckett credits his wife and two children with providing constant support, and his professors for their guidance and mentorship.

“As an undergrad, I focused on getting done and getting out,” Puckett said. “In law school, I had a lot of great professors willing to take time [with me] outside of the classroom. Also, I have to acknowledge Career Services and LaVerta’s candy bowl.”

Puckett is looking forward to establishing roots with his family in Salina, Kansas, and growing his career with Salina firm Brown & Vogel. 

“My success will depend on my continued willingness to learn and hard work,” he said. “I can’t wait.”

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