Career Services issues kudos to successful job hunters

Long before the advent of the KU Law Blog and the Career Services weekly e-blast, our office produced a monthly newsletter in paper form (yes, really!) that included a "Career Services Kudos" section each March and April to recognize job-hunting successes. The positivity of the Kudos section jibed well with lengthening daylight hours, rising temperatures, blooming flowers and the hope instilled by the return of America's pastime.

With all the talk lately about the recession, employment statistics and law school rankings, I'd like to take a minute to focus on the legions of students in Green Hall who have navigated their job hunts with skill, tact and patience and have secured high-quality summer employment. It's time to recognize their determination and remind those still looking for jobs that it can be done!

The following list highlights a sampling of the students that we've observed pursuing summer work with great attitudes. It may be easy to get discouraged in this economy, but these first- and second-year students, and many others, are proof that hard work (combined with thick skin and a healthy sense of humor) does indeed pay off.

We're extremely proud of their efforts, and we wish them lots of success at their summer jobs.

Law Firms


Public Interest Organizations


Todd Rogers, Assistant Dean for Career Services

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