Kudos! Students secure summer employment in tough market

Back in the Stone Age, when the Office of Career Services produced a monthly newsletter in paper form (the horror!), we ran a “Career Services Kudos” section in the March and April editions to applaud job-hunting successes.

We spend so much time preaching about how to conduct a job search that it seemed only fair to tip our collective Career Services caps to students who had navigated the process with grace and aplomb. The positivity of the Kudos section jived well with rising temperatures, blooming flowers and the hope instilled by the return of baseball season (unless you’re a Royals fan).

We continued the practice last year in the final five Friday e-mails of the semester.

Lest you think that the sluggish economy has resulted in no jobs for any law students anywhere, Career Services Kudos makes its triumphant return today in the form of an oh-so-cutting-edge blog posting!

It’s no secret that the economy has made securing a summer position more difficult. But many students have hung in there and obtained jobs that will allow them over the next few months to develop valuable, marketable skills.

The following list highlights just a small number of the students that we’ve observed pursuing summer work with great attitudes. It’s easy to get discouraged in this economy, but these students, and many others, are proof that hard work (combined with thick skin and a healthy sense of humor) does, indeed, pay off.

We’re extremely proud of their efforts!

We’ll add to this list with some new names as our 1L and 2L summer surveys continue to roll in.

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Public Interest Organizations


Todd Rogers, assistant dean for career services

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